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Hello!! <3

Hey Everyone! I have NO plans for the following week! Oh yeah, I took the WHOLE week of for Thanksgiving!!!! I really have off from now until like January 25th 0f 05.. Awesome right? Most Def. So leave a comment with a day if you wish to hang out with me! I am looking for some specail people to spend actual Thanksgiving because I have no one and I'm not going home because its to hectic. I got a new celly, but I still have the same number. It's hot pink, flip phone and it has a diamond "N" on the front. It's like super cute, yeah really hott. So yeah I am planning on getting some shopping for the family Chrsitmas Presents done next week so let me know if you like wanna go with me or whatever because i'm sure that'd be cool. UH MUH GAWD I never told you I got CoCo a Louie dog carrier! Oh yeah its soo hott. I ordered my plane ticket the other day so I can go to North Carolina yesterday. I'm leaving on the 29th of November. Not wasting anytime! I probably wont stay threw Christmas since i'm leaving early but..I'll probably go home to my brothers. Baron is growing up into such a little sweetie, he called me the other day because he forgot my birthday so he called to talk to me and wish me a belated birthday =) I was soo proud of him. I did talk to Conrad too but he was just being a little butthead =P Well i'm off to check my email babes. Remember drop a comment with when you want to hang!! And I also just wanted to point out that I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3 =) Yup and that's all there is!!!!!
Luv ya!
~* Nic
X'z n O'z
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