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Hey! =D

Omg Hey! I haven't talked with everyone in what seems like forever! Ugh, they've got me working like crazy!! I seriously need a brake. I know this weekend I am chilling out to the 10th power! Oh yah. lolz. So um leave a comment if you want to hang this weekend arighty? CoCo says hi everyone lolz. Thanksgivings comming up, I want to go home, even if nothing huge happens I miss my brothers Baron and Conrad! *Hugs to them* Oh and the parents of course lolz I haven't seem them in ages and I miss them like Carazy! Okie Dokie. After Thanksgiving is CHRISTMAS Gosh I love Christmas music and the spirt everyone gets in. I mean yah it puts tons and tons of people into a mega big debt but what do I care?! lolz ugh anywayz For the Holidays I think I want to go up to like North Carolia for the snow!!! Skiing, snowball fights, hot coco, snuggling oh yes all the good stuff. I think like a week or so after Thanksgiving I might just take off and go. Otherwise there wont be a flight and yah I'd be pissy and mean. *Giggle* Plus North Carolina Rocks. Well I gotta go! Talk to you all later!
~* Nic <3
X'z n O'z
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