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I love me! <3

Omgosh I am so excited about Halloween this weekend! They're has got to be some awesome partys happening! Anywayz I haven't done to much this week so far. Its gone by so fricken fast!!! I did have a photoshoot and I got to do a Halloween one today! It was so much fun I got to dress up as a Princess, Bumble bee and a witch but the witch costume was so cute, it was this little poofy purple lowcut dress and a purple witch hat. ^.^ Anyway, I think I'm borowing it if I decide on going to a Halloween dress up party. Coco is going as a Princess, I got her a little doggy tiara and she is so cute! lolz anyway, I would love to talk to you guys if i'm online my AIM screen name is <b>nicky xoxoxo</b> anyway I'm kinda tired and they gave me tomorrow off so I'm thinking I decorate the house for Halloween. I don't know the photoshoot got me really into the spirit and I feel like it should be done. Oh and I bet you won't believe that I am watching baseball. Okay, maybe not so much watching it consittering I have head phones on turned up really loud but Ha, anywayz go red sox, since they are winning =P  Well I'm off to shower and watch a little TV before bed.
Luv you guys,
* Nicky XOX

Have you picked a Halloween party to go to yet? Do you know who throws the best parties? I really want to go to one! I knew you couldn't pass up a party and you were the one to ask so..get back to me.. there was something else too...oh and I love you <3 Nicky

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