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La Dee Da!!!!!

OMG guys....The funniest thing happend! I was so watching MTV this moring and I was on ET on MTV! They showed my beautiful purple purse birthday cake. And some how they got one of the invataions! *Rolls eyes* News people are so sneaky. But Yuh nothing much going on around here. Just chillen! Talking with my girlie Ashlee on AIM. She's like the only one ever on gosh I am totally online all the time when I'm not busy. So yeah went out to dinner tonight nothing major just to a little resteraunt..Outback or something like that. I could not believe the waitress I had rasberry tea and she refilled my glass with sweet tea. OH MY GAWD, Gross! But anyway I complained got my drink and left yea. The food wasn't to top quality either. Thats what I get for wanting to try a weird resteraunt though. Well I think I need to go finish packing my stuff so I can get outta here and over to MK & A's Partay! Omg Girls im so sorry if I'm late but you know how private jets can be slow sometimes. Anyhoo I gotta go T-Message Ashee and be on my way!!
Lots of luv and Hugs & Kisses!!
* Nic

Hey Ashee, I wuz 1dering if u need a ride to MK & A's  in NY for thier ParT? Im leaving in my private jet soon and i could pick u ^ if u need me 2. Arite grl lemme knw!! Luv from, * Nickay

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