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I am like so totally sorry I haven't updated! You know how things get..Well it is Friday once again. Thank goodness for that. What a week. *sigh* between endless migranes and modeling I am tired as hell. The migranes finally stopped today. Maybe its because I went to bed at like 7:30 last night, ugh and going to bed that early is a pain. I woke up at like 9:30 this morning too. I descided maybe going outside would be good. It was so nice out today too, it felt like fall! I <3 when the cold weather comes around. Tomorrow I am going to a local fall fest for the heck of it. I love getting out especailly in the commuinty ugh, tear. lolz yeah right but I figured I could stop by since its supposed to be nice out again tomorrow. I need to make an AIM Profile and get an icon. Sheesh am I busy or what?! CoCo still hasn't gotten her pretty pink diamond collar yet *pouts* hopefully I will get that this weekend. I didn't get to go to the beach last weekend either. *sigh* and now its getting to chilly. I never get what I want. Okay, Okay that was a serious lie but whatev. *rolls eyes* I want a new purse too. Gosh damn I never get anything done around here or have any Nicky time. >.< Okay *calms down* Whatev. This weekend better be filled with 1.] Nicky time and 2.] All the things Nicky wants. *Innocent smile* Then I will be graciously happy..for that day. But yeah, I gotta get some beauty rest lovlies.
Luv yaz!!
* Nic
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