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oh ya baby

Uh My Gawd. My party was friken AWESOME!! You would soo know this already if you where there. And if you weren't there then your a no body. lolz Sawry but the truth hurts. *shurg* Nobody important left until after 5:30 am. We partied and drank and danced and partied and drank some more! It rocked! I slept from like 7:30 this morning until like 6:45 this evening. Who cares though, i'm still alittle drowsey so I wont have any probs getting back to a normal sleep pattern. I'm drinking a green apple smirnof right now..can you say yumm? Anyway CoCo had a blast at my party because she got to hang all night with yours truly. Oh and let me say everybody that came looked so hott. ;) Paris, I can't believe how wonderful the turn out was! I love you muches and bunches! Well I'm gunna go Chillax and watch a little tv then head of to bed.
Luv yaz!!
* Nic
X'z n O'z
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