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I <3 me!

Aloha! lolz Well nothing to major happend today. It's Sunday and nothing much ever happends on the weekend as in 'work'. So ya.. CoCo and Tinkerbell were playing together it was so cute! I called and had my Cell Number changed this morning just because I was sick of the old one *shrug* Oh well. I think I want to update my cell phone too, I mean its cute and everything I just..well I don't know. Ashlee's online and I'm Instant Message chatting with her. Is anyone else ever online? Hmph. Oh! speaking of Ashlee she gets special "It's my birthday, I'm turning twenty" hearts <3 <3 : ) Happy Birthday Ash! I might be taking a drive over to visit you, that is if you don't mind. Get back to me on that ; ) I have a present for you!! Well not to much going on as of right now, I guess I will go check my e-mail. Awww CoCo is so cute she wants to say 'Hello' before I go! CoCo Says: 438rfvgjudfsjhfgjdslsdfhdsgwihfdsi8hf fddfbdofbas fdsufds
lolz how cute? Right well off to my e-mail!!
Luv ya Bunches!
* Nic
X'z n O'z
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