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Hi guys, I changed my journal colors! The black was kinda depressing but now its happy! yay. I also got a few new icons. So yep I'm all decked out. Oh and I got an AIM Profile and icon so now I'm done with that. I need to go shopping...again. Yeah so I went this morning, went to Starbucks the usual..So huh. Oohh I got CoCo's collar. Soo cute! It's under the link thing at the end of my entry, I got a close up so you could see how pretty it was. I also snapped one of CoCo and her cuteness, its in black and white though. So yeah. I'm pretty tired. I got up at 7:30 just because I wanted to get to the mall before the rush. I had fun though. I did buy myself like 5 outfits but thats it. Well Enjoy the pics. I gotta go read a text message. Layda! Luv Yaz!! * Nic X'z n O'z Isn't that the cutest?! Of course it is, nothing less than the best for my baby!! There she is! I did take it beofore I put on the collar though so its not in the picture..=(
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