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.:.Get on board a fast train,travel on a jet plane far away.:.

Wassup my hunnies? Sawry I couldn't update yesterday. Had to fly to NYC for some photo shoot. Got back in at like 10:30 this morning. So yah when I got back had to be rushed to some radio station. *sigh* I dunno why I had to go to a radio station but I did. *Rolls eyes* It bored me so I left after like 20 minutes of that trash. So atleast it was Friday and its the weekend..I so want to hit the beach but I don't know if i'm going to have time, I seriously hope I do though. CoCo needs a pretty pink collar..Maybe I will go out and find her a beautilful one this weekend. Right well I guess I'm done babaling about stuff. Oh and I forgot to mention me practically being mobbed at the airport!! Ugh, stupid security gaurd..whats that new ones name...umm..BORIS, yes thats it. What a LOSER. Ugh, he desicdes he needs a Dougnut and leaves me! I really think we should reconsitter him. Yeah, in other words..HE SUCKS. -Innocent Smile- All these wanna be me girls came running over..*Sigh* its so hard having all the money in the world, people get jealous like super easy..This worries me. *shrug* Okay maybe it isn't too hard but its nice to pretend right? *giggles* Right. I'm gunna go look at next months Loui Purses online and maybe buy one :-D Layda!
Luv yaz!
* Nic
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